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Collectible Porcelain Dolls and the Collectible Antique Doll

by Michael Saville

Playing with dolls is almost every little girl's favourite pastime and while some girls almost never totally give up their toys, others make a hobby out of it and collect collectible porcelain dolls. Collectible Dolls are wonderful items for children and adults alike. Collectible dolls can be made of porcelain, or can be a reminder of a childhood past, which is the effect Cabbage Patch kids have on many people. However, for a true taste of American history, one need look no further than the American Girls Collection for a perfect collectible doll.

The American Girls Collection was first designed by an educator named Pleasant T. Rowland. She was unhappy with how most dolls were created with the concept of adulthood (in particular motherhood) in mind. Rowland thought that dolls for girls should have more of a focus on girlhood itself, and thus the American Girls Collection was born.

These collectible dolls represent a cross-section of the cultures, economic backgrounds, and societal problems that many young girls had to deal with over the course of American history. Each collectible doll has a story, and each story comes in the form of a corresponding book series. These books highlight such issues as slavery, child labour, and poverty.

Porcelain dolls have been a special item almost from the very minute they were invented. It was never a toy for a little girl to play with but more for an adult to collect and treasure. Collectible porcelain dolls are very delicate with unique features and carefully designed details.

Each and every little detail is taken in consideration when a collectible porcelain doll is appraised because any and every little damage especially to the face, which is the most fragile, will bring its value down on the collector's market.

The thing to remember about a collectible antique doll is that at one point it is usually the best friend and confidante of a young girl, often dressed and played with and may have been repaired along they way. Knowledge is imperative for anyone anticipating starting a doll collection to ensure that they are getting what they pay for in their collection.

Another key to having a collectible antique doll is that original clothing and accessories will often set you back perhaps more than the price of the doll itself. As people begin their collections it is not unusual for them to pick up well-worn dolls with the thought of restoring them to original condition. Bear in mind, a good pair of shoes for a collectible antique doll, such as French bisque, could cost about $100. Original clothing for some dolls can cost several hundreds of dollars.

Many collectible antique dolls come in all shapes and sizes with some, like a frozen china doll, being less than two inches tall. It should be noted that a "frozen doll" is one that does not move at all. These and other collectible antique dolls are available and although their prices have risen recent years, there are still bargains to be found.

Additional points to look for are the clothing as quality collectible antique dolls also came with original clothing and many of the outfits rivalled your dresses in quality, fit and prices. It isn't unusual for an original dress to cost upwards of $500 in good condition. In fact, there are some people who own valued collectible antique doll clothing but the dolls are of inferior condition. They are focusing on the threads not the doll.

There are a vast number of collectible porcelain dolls which make the treasures of a true collector, from baby dolls to dolls representative of different national costumes, the list and the fascination is endless. Again, the details are what make one collectible porcelain doll more valuable than the other.

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